Mandimba day 5

Good evening everyone, although I know it may well not be evening when you are reading this. I have a lot of blog posts and ideas in my head which I have not written and am also not ready to share yet. However, I do have this wonderful update of day 5 in Mandimba, it... Continue Reading →

Autistic Fernando: my student nurse letter during the global pandemic

To Whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to add my voice to the hoard of student nurses. Students who have been used and/or thrown aside and forgotten about during this global pandemic. Because I am one of those students. My name is Isabel Fernando, and I am a student mental health nurse.... Continue Reading →

A poem about hope

Hope is a fickle thing. One moment she's dead to me. My life is hopeless. I will never be able to do anything. My hopes and dreams non-existent. Will I ever be a nurse? Will I ever get a dog? Will I ever learn how to drive? Will I ever get through university? But then... Continue Reading →

The original glass box

The original glass box   So, before you start reading, I want to just give a little bit of context as to when this was written. This was written when I was in college, so 3, maybe 4 years ago. I like the analogy; I want to re-write it at some point. But, because it... Continue Reading →


Self-Harm- the 2020 lockdown version                 There have been many hours spent contemplating about posting this, its a very touchy topic. I wrote this near the beginning of the lockdown, and before anyone worries, I am okay! no need to worry about me!            ... Continue Reading →

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